Hormone Pellet Therapy

A low-maintenance solution for testosterone replacement therapy

With age, testosterone begins to decline (especially beyond age 30), and common symptoms of low testosterone usually begin to appear in at least 20% or more older men: low energy, erectile dysfunction (ED), moodiness, loss of muscle mass, hair loss, depression, etc. 

There are four main types of testosterone replacement therapies (TRT) out there and all offer their own unique applications: creams, injections, patches, and of course, hormone pellet therapy. 

How does hormone pellet therapy work?

Each TRT method has its own advantages and disadvantages, but hormone pellet therapy is often preferred over other methods because of its sustained-release method of delivery. 

Testosterone pellets are administered directly by your doctor by way of an inpatient  procedure. The pellets are implanted under the skin near your hip or buttock area where they will continuously release a steady stream of hormones for up to six months. 

What results can I expect after starting hormone pellet therapy? 

When you begin hormone pellet therapy, your doctor will closely monitor your symptoms to see if any adjustments are needed throughout the course of your treatment. 

Hormone pellets typically release hormones for up to four months depending on the dosage needed, and it is important to tell your doctor if you begin experiencing any adverse side effects. If testosterone levels are too high, there’s an increased risk for cardiovascular issues.  

When your low T symptoms begin to subside, you’ll know that treatment is doing its job. 

What is the cost of treatment using hormone pellet therapy at Men’s Health?

Our hormone pellet therapy program begins at $249 per month, which includes up to 3 insertions per year, all labs for testosterone monitoring, and HCG and/or estrogen blocker if needed.

Be sure to visit our pricing page for more detailed procedure cost information. 

Is hormone pellet therapy covered by insurance? 

Since hormone pellet therapy is a form of TRT, some insurance carriers may cover treatment or a portion of it. Some companies may also require testosterone level testing before treatment can be approved.

It’s best to call your insurance carrier to make sure hormone replacement procedures are covered before starting treatment. Men’s Health does offer a few different payment options to fit your needs, including CareCredit! 

How do I find out if testosterone replacement therapy is right for me? 

If you’d like to discuss your treatment options with our team, schedule your complimentary lab assessment using our online scheduler link below. 

Our online scheduling option at Men’s Health enables you to schedule your initial visit along with any subsequent visits at either of our Houston area locations in Memorial or Bellaire. 

Still have questions? Contact Men’s Health directly at 832-900-2427.