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The Benefits and Risks of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Houston Texas

You may have questions about whether testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is safe, effective, or right for you. There is a good deal of misinformation out in the news today about the ill-effects of hormone therapy, so what’s a man to do when low testosterone is the diagnosis? First, it’s important to explore all of your […]

The Battle of the Bulge is Real for Men with Low Testosterone


Which came first: belly fat or Low T? For men over 40 who feel like losing weight is an uphill battle, this question is an important one to consider. Studies show that Low T causes an increase in body fat. On the flip side, being overweight or obese can also contribute to Low T, so […]

How to Recharge Your Sex Drive When Your Libido Takes a Dive

Remember the days when your sex drive was in overdrive? When you were always ‘in the mood’ and sex was always on your mind? If those days are few and far between, it’s time to recharge your libido. It is normal for a man to experience changes in his sexual drive as he ages. Life […]

The Low Down on Low T– What’s Normal and What’s Not

As men age, testosterone levels decline. That’s just a simple fact of life. It’s not that men’s bodies don’t need this important hormone, it’s that the body produces and utilizes the hormone less and in different ways as time goes on. Often, men begin to notice symptoms of low testosterone (Low T) around age 60, […]