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The Battle of the Bulge is Real for Men with Low Testosterone


Which came first: belly fat or Low T? For men over 40 who feel like losing weight is an uphill battle, this question is an important one to consider. Studies show that Low T causes an increase in body fat. On the flip side, being overweight or obese can also contribute to Low T, so […]

How to Recharge Your Sex Drive When Your Libido Takes a Dive

Remember the days when your sex drive was in overdrive? When you were always ‘in the mood’ and sex was always on your mind? If those days are few and far between, it’s time to recharge your libido. It is normal for a man to experience changes in his sexual drive as he ages. Life […]

The Necessary Conversation You Need to Have About Sexual Health

Sexual health is an important part of a man’s overall physical and emotional wellbeing. Some men shy away from discussing sexual issues with their doctors, but it’s an important conversation to have, especially when issues arise. Sexual wellness encompasses a number of factors: A man’s sexual drive Testosterone levels Sexual function and performance For men […]