The New Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction That Has Men Talking

Imagine a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) that doesn’t require taking a pill and waiting for it to start working, doesn’t come with side effects, and doesn’t require injections or pump devices. If it sounds too good to be true – it’s not. This treatment is new and it’s called GAINSWave®. A breakthrough therapy for […]

The Necessary Conversation You Need to Have About Sexual Health

Sexual health is an important part of a man’s overall physical and emotional wellbeing. Some men shy away from discussing sexual issues with their doctors, but it’s an important conversation to have, especially when issues arise. Sexual wellness encompasses a number of factors: A man’s sexual drive Testosterone levels Sexual function and performance For men […]

The Low Down on Low T– What’s Normal and What’s Not

As men age, testosterone levels decline. That’s just a simple fact of life. It’s not that men’s bodies don’t need this important hormone, it’s that the body produces and utilizes the hormone less and in different ways as time goes on. Often, men begin to notice symptoms of low testosterone (Low T) around age 60, […]