How to Recharge Your Sex Drive When Your Libido Takes a Dive

Remember the days when your sex drive was in overdrive? When you were always ‘in the mood’ and sex was always on your mind? If those days are few and far between, it’s time to recharge your libido.

It is normal for a man to experience changes in his sexual drive as he ages. Life changes, work, lack of sleep, depression, weight gain, and stress can all take their toll. But when your libido declines it can be cause for concern and time to talk to a men’s sexual wellness expert.

According to Jeanette Valdivieso, DO, medical director at Men’s Health Memorial, one of the Houston area’s leading men’s sexual health clinics, “A sudden decline in a man’s sexual drive and sexual well-being may have several causes and should be addressed by a sexual health specialist. It’s important to rule out any underlying medical conditions and take a holistic approach to treatment. At Men’s Health Memorial, one of the first things we look for is low testosterone.”

Causes of Low Sex Drive and What You Can Do About It

  1. Low testosterone. A drop in the male sex hormone testosterone is common as men age and, in fact, affects almost 40% of men over the age of 45. With a significant drop in testosterone, everything seems to feel sluggish, including the libido. Lifestyle changes such as a healthier diet, increased exercise, and better sleep can help balance testosterone levels; however, when these changes alone aren’t effective, targeted treatment for Low T such as Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) can restore hormonal balance.A simple blood test can diagnose Low T. Weekly testosterone injections replenish the hormone over time to improve sexual health and overall wellness. The specialists at Men’s Health Memorial monitor the testosterone levels closely to ensure optimal health in every patient. Once testosterone levels are back to normal, most men experience a return of their healthy sex drive. (Find out more about Low T and TRT here.)
  2. Erectile dysfunction. Some men experiencing erectile dysfunction (ED) may naturally shy away from sex for fear of poor performance. ED is nothing to be shy about and is more common as men age. Men should work with their physicians to rule out any underlying health issues that cause ED such as cardiovascular disease and high blood pressure.While ED treatments such as oral medication (the “little blue pill”) often come with unwanted side effects and lack of sexual spontaneity, Men’s Health Memorial now offers a non-invasive, safe, and effective treatment called GAINSWave® Therapy. This groundbreaking treatment uses high-frequency, low-intensity soundwaves (also known as acoustic wave therapy) to break up plaque formation in blood vessels and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in the penis. In turn, this restores blood flow to the penis, typically resulting in improved erectile function and enhanced sexual performance. Best of all, the treatment has very few side effects and produces stronger, natural erections. For men with ED, GAINSWave Therapy is worth checking out!
  3. Chronic fatigue. Do you always feel tired? Perhaps you’re not sleeping well at night. Lack of sleep or poor sleep can lead to all sorts of ailments and feelings of general malaise. But did you know that chronic fatigue can also be caused by Low T?In fact, Dr. Valdivieso says that fatigue is one of the more common symptoms men present with at the clinic and is a common symptom of Low T. “By treating the Low T and any underlying medical conditions, men often have improved mental clarity and sexual interest,” she says.
  4. Diabetes and other medical conditions. Men with diabetes tend to have low testosterone levels, which in turn causes a decrease in sex drive. This medical condition also damages blood vessels and nerves over time, affecting blood flow to the penis which can result in erectile dysfunction. Other medical problems including depression and weight gain are also associated with low libido as are medications for hypertension and depression and anxiety.

Remember that a decline in sex drive, as well as other sexual symptoms, are best discussed with an experienced sexual health specialist. The experts at Men’s Health Memorial perform comprehensive exams to rule out medical conditions that may be causing low libido and have the treatments needed to help men living with Low T return to vitality.

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